Five Key Variables to Consider When Selecting Mailing Tubes

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Many industries consider mailing tubes to be a highly effective way of shipping products or items that can be rolled into a cylindrical shape. These tubes are ideal for lightweight use but can also be made from sturdier materials that won't crush under heavy loads. Mailing tubes come in a variety of options to suit the needs of different users. To choose the right tube for your needs, keep the following points in mind:

16 September 2020

What Techniques Do Welders Use?

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Welders make use of a wide array of techniques in order to carry out their work. Most businesses that supply welding services will employ one or more of the following methods. Others are in use around the world. The four techniques outlined below are among the most popular in Australia today. Read on to discover more about them. SMAW Welding More often called stick welding, SMAW welding makes use of an electrical current to melt metal workpieces in a small crater.

10 January 2019

Car lifts/elevators- a practical solution


Car elevators are used widely in home garages, auditoriums and the like. These are practical devices that are powered by a hydraulic system that uses a water-filled container with force applied at a certain point to generate power to lift the vehicle off the ground. Car lifts or elevators are largely electrically powered and can be used by anyone because they function via an uncomplicated system.   There are many reasons why car elevators have a large market.

17 December 2018

2 safety tips for manufacturers of plastic packaging


The process of creating plastic packaging can be quite hazardous. If you're a plastic packaging manufacturer, here are two safety tips you should keep in mind to ensure that your employees' health is not negatively affected by working in your facility. 1. Keep your ventilation system in good working order Every plastic packaging manufacturer should make a concerted effort to keep their facility's ventilation system in good working order. The reason for this is as follows; in order to create packaging with a specific shape, the plastic needs to be warmed up (as the heat softens it and makes it pliable).

4 October 2018

Water Storage Tank Installation Mistakes to Avoid

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Having a water storage tank on your property can be a great choice for those in very dry areas that are more prone to brushfires and droughts. Storing rainwater also means less usage of fresh water for chores like watering the lawn, washing vehicles, and hosing down a barn or chicken coop! It's often recommended that you have an expert install a water storage tank on your property rather than trying to tackle this job yourself, but if you do want to buy a tank and then manage its installation yourself, note a few mistakes to avoid in this process.

29 June 2018

Essential Skills That Every Aspiring Industrial Engineer Should Develop

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You are almost done with your internship and begin to wonder whether you are ready for your first job as an industrial engineer. Imagining that you are a dependable worker based on your performance during an internship is not enough. Additionally, when hiring industrial engineers, companies tend to look beyond academic achievement. Therefore, it is vital for you to foster some essential skills to facilitate your job-hunting efforts. This article highlights skills that will ensure you have a competitive edge over other aspiring industrial engineers.

9 May 2018

4 Essential Finishing Ideas for New Stainless Steel Fabricators

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Finishing is essential for stainless steel products because it brings out the aesthetic appeal that is synonymous with this material. Furthermore, finishing makes steel products easy to clean, especially in the food sector where cleanliness and safety are top priorities. Unlike in non-sanitary applications, finishing stainless steel for handling food is an elaborate affair. Metal fabricators should adhere to sanitary standards every step of the way. Here are some essential finishing ideas for newbie stainless steel fabricators.

16 April 2018